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English Summer & Autumn Camp for kids in Vorarlberg

Dear Parents,

It is with deep sorrow that we have decided to put a hold on our English summer & autumn camps due to the both of us starting new and exciting chapters in our lives.

What a wonderful journey it has been — being immersed in nature, exploring new places, making new friends and trying new things! We always end each camp season with an eye toward to future and the excitement that lies ahead. But we also think it is important to take a look at the past achievements and struggles throughout the 3 years we held our English camp. Our hearts are full of gratitude for our staff, our campers and to our parents who have entrusted us with their children.

To our staff, who worked tirelessly all summer & autumn long to provide your children with the most incredible camp experience - thank you! We could not have held such successful and fun-filled camps without you.

To our campers, who showed up every morning with smiles on their faces and are the reason we do what we do - thank you! The children we have met over the years have filled our hearts with so much joy. Because of their days spent at camp, they have acquired a confidence in using the English language, deeply connected to nature, and earned a greater sense of their own independence. 

To our camp parents, who trusted, supported and encouraged us — thank you! We could not have done with without you. We are so grateful that you shared your greatest treasures with us. We appreciate the ways in which you support your children’s growth by encouraging them and allowing them to lean into their newfound sense of independence. We deeply care about our camp families and we are so lucky that we can count each of you as a part of our Camp Family!

We hope that all of our campers will continue to nurture a love for the outdoors and have confidence in their English language skills! 


Yours sincerely,

Lou and Olivia

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